Solace Theatre - Christian Community Theatre in the Raleigh Area
At Solace Theatre, we want the experience of auditions and callbacks to be fun and encouraging, where you can be confident and comfortable. Feedback on your audition is always available by request.

Auditions will vary depending on the director and production, check the show page for our upcoming production for audition details. Resumes with previous experience and education, along with rehearsal availability and contact information, will be required. Headshots are encouraged but not required.

All of our shows are free to participate in and you will never be charged a participation fee.
During rehearsals, our priority is to create a safe, ministry-focused environment filled with encouragement where actors can do their best work. We believe that if the actors are affected deeply by and connected to the material, the audience will be more deeply impacted as well.

Since we typical have a quick turn-around for shows, it is an expectation than cast members will prioritize and make room for rehearsals in their schedules. Actors are expected to come with a spirit of readiness and respect, having prepared outside of rehearsal time.
The casting panel includes director, producers, music director, and others at the director's discretion, with the final decision being made by the director and producers. We are prayerful and intentional with our casting, especially when there is limited space in a prodution.

At Solace Theatre, we strive for age-appropriate casting for all roles as much as possible. Determining factors in casting may include the director's vision, talent, chemistry with other cast members, response to direction​, and availability.

All 18+ cast members will be required to get a background check before the first cast meeting.
It is our belief at Solace Theatre that acting is truly a personal artform, and methods for acting will differ from actor to actor. Therefore, our directors and staff prioritize providing a safe environment. We also believe that acting is an incredible tool for cementing one's identity in Christ and building compassion. By placing yourself in someone else's shoes, you are able to empathize with that character's motivations and situations. You can take that experience into the real world with compassion towards others like the characters you experience.

All cast members are asked to read our  Declaration of Faith, as held by Solace Theatre, but are not required to sign a confession of belief. Non-Christians are welcome to audition at Solace Theatre and be a part of the cast. We only ask that you have an open mind and open heart.
If you have any questions about acting at Solace Theatre, Contact Us today!